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Technical Program – 2018

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The 2018 Northwest CoatingsFest “Technical Program”

Thelma Longakit and her Technical Committee have put together a great series of talks, covering the hottest topics for coatings formulators and manufacturers. You will learn about the latest research, technology and top trends!

Below is a list of our esteemed presenters.

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1. Daniel Weinmann Hexion Global Waves of Change Created by Lower VOC, Waterborne Epoxy Systems
2. Christopher Karwowski Chitec Technology 2nd Generation Nano Technology Brings WB UV Absorbers and Light Stabilizers that withstand Acid Rain Degradation
3. Nilanjan Chakrabarti Sun Chemical Future of paints with Innovations in High Performance Pigments and Manufacturing
4. Dana Charron Interpolymer Corp A Family of Waterbased Acrylics based on a Unique Self-Crosslinking Mechanism
5. Michael Knight POLYNT Composites Versatile Alkyd Emulsion Technology to Solve Your Low VOC Coating Needs
6. Linda Adamson Solvay Critical Role APEO-fee Surfactants Provide in Paint – The Good, The Bad, and The Rest!
7. Stuart Lipskin BYK-CHEMIE The Value of Understanding Confusing Coatings Industry Terminology
8. Mouhcine Kanouni Clariant Improving the weathering resistance, touch feel and scratch resistance of Waterborne Wood Coatings
9. Corine Walden Wacker Impact of Extenders on Elastomeric Coating Performance
10. Sam Morell samMorell.com Rheology-Hybridized Polyamides for Waterborne Coatings
11. Neal Rogers Arkema Paint Formulation and Latex Selection to Eliminate Surfactant Leaching in Low VOC paints
12. Greg Monaghan Specialty Polymers Challenges in Formulating Waterbased Clear Sealers for Concrete
13. Regina Matranga OMNOVA Early Rain Resistance and Surfactant Leaching Resistant Binder
14. Caroline Matthiesen Worlee-Chemie GMbh Classical and new application fields for PU modified alkyd emulsions/Cationic binders for insulating paints on wood
15. Jocelyn Gruver Dow Waterborne Primers: Offering the base for Exceptional Topcoat Performance
16. Ivan Tyre Alberdingk Boley An advanced acrylic, engineered for gloss- semi-gloss deep bases
17. Latoska Price BASF Addressing color trends with Pre-made Pigment Dispersions
18. Robert Sandoval EPS Materials Direct to Metal Acrylic with Next Generation Corrosion Resistance at 50G/li. VOC
19. Michelle Bauer ICL Advanced Additives Novel Additive for Anti-corrosive Cool Roof Applications
20. Natalia Lopes Ashland Characterizing and Quantifying the effect of rheology modifiers on improved hide and dry fill appearance
21. Craig Utesch Cathay Industries Primer Pigments: Making Informed decisions about color addition
22. Jonathan Bird Lubrizol Water-based Low VOC Technology for Demanding applications
23. Ming Tsang Celanese Technology Advancement of VAE in Architectural Paint

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