Environmental and Regulatory Forum Agenda

On Friday we will be hosting a special forum to cover topics in the Environmental and Regulatory arena.

We are pleased to offer this side forum as a part of our symposium.


The agenda will be as follows;

  1. VOC Regulation—Introduction & history (based upon Cal Poly SLO Student Poster at ACS) and VOC Measurement—Dane Jones/Ray Fernando, California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo CA
  2. VOC Regulations and outlook: US/global, Architectural vs Industrial coatings –Dave Darling, American Coatings Association (ACA)  
  3. A Paint manufacturer’s strategy for keeping up with regulatory and environmental issues. Plus, VOC Local/regional regulatory insights –Robert Wendoll, Director of Environmental Affairs, Dunn Edwards Corp.
  4. Additional Environmental & regulatory concerns for manufacturers:  Chemical regulatory framework, Product Safety Management/labeling, TOSCA Reform, Sustainability Review Board—Allen Irish, ACA
  5. Break
  6. Panel Discussion: some topics to discuss include future of paint industry (sustainability, renewable  materials/trends), Disclosure, 3rd party programs—Paint Care, Leed/Green Building, Q&A from audience-- All