2016 Northwest Coatings Fest Technical Program

Thursday Oct 6

Track1 Supplier and Technical Presentations - See attachment below

Schedule of Papers 2016.pdf

Track 2 Join us for a short course Introduction to paint formulating for the new chemist, salesmen and managers


Friday Oct 7

Track 1 8-11:30 Supplier and Technical Presentations - More details to follow

Track 2 Join us for Environmental and Regulatory Forum presentations by the ACA. For Regulatory managers, Plant managers and owners


Our Technical program team has the following topics lined up;

Specialty Polymer         Polymers for concrete coatings and admix

Alberdingk Boley          Formulating for improved burnish resistance

Lanxess                        Paints dry film preservation

Angus                           Formulation Optimization Pathway

Dow                               High performance Newtonian HEUR ICI Builders

Clariant                          Pigments and Metamerism

Lubrizol                        Low VOC/ High Renewable

EPS                                New High Gloss / Low tack

Burgess                         Benefits of ultrafine Hydrous Kaolin

Evonik                           Novel dispersant technology for WB

Ashland                         Surface Analysis and Correlation to coating adhesive

Elementis                      Low odor dispersants

Everlight                        Light stabilization of WB coatings

Boeing                           UV curable paints for commercial Aircraft exteriors

DSM                              Performance Optimization with WB thixotropic paint

PolyNT                          Fast dry DTM Alkyd Emulsion with excellent corrosion resistance


Accepted papers.pdf