PNWSCT Educational Webinar – Si H20-Based Elastomers

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August 19, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Water-based coating formulations are an industry trend due to stringent environmental regulations.
The majority of silicone coatings are solvent-based or high-solids, which require solvents for cleanup, and increase
overall project VOC emissions.
Silicone Water-Based Elastomers (SWBEs) are silicone elastomers offered as a water-based latex which provides
easy handling and formulation, with the resulting performance of a solvent-based or high-solids silicone coating.
SWBEs are ultra-low in VOCs and do not require solvents for cleanup. They offer good adhesion to variety of
substrates such as masonry, glass, metal, wood, and textiles; and display increased weatherability and water
resistance in ambient-cure or bake coatings for applications such as waterproofing, protective, anti-graffiti,
elastomeric, air and weather barriers, and paints.

Presentation Title: Silicone Water-Based Elastomers Match Performance of Solvent-Based and High-Solid Counterparts
Author Name: Tim Krytenberg
Speaker Name: DJ Widmer