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April 10, 2019 @ 11:30 am – 2:30 pm
NorthView Golf and Country Club
6857 168 St
Surrey, BC V3S 3T6
Ron Vanderdrift
(778) 388-3376

Water-Based Dispersants for High-Performance End Use Applications


 Paint formulators face significant challenges in producing high performance coatings in water based finishes. Dispersing pigments in water is more challenging than solvent based systems. The lower VOC’s of today’s finishes and tomorrow’s future needs push the boundaries of traditional dispersant technology.  In addition to wetting and stabilization, it is difficult to eliminate the negative effects of traditional dispersants in the final film properties for the high-performance finishes required in today’s markets.

In this presentation we will introduce our latest developments in water-borne dispersants. We have optimised dispersant performance through the control of polymer architecture, molecular weight and nature of our anchor groups. We have developed novel dispersants that are excellent at both wetting and stabilizing colorants for paints as well as improve the end use properties of high performance finishes.  We will show examples of improved corrosion resistance in a direct to metal finish, improved spot resistance in a high performance black finish, improved tensile and elongation retention in roof coatings, as well as many other examples.


Speaker Bio: Dennis Butcher Technical Marketing Manager

 Dennis is the Technical Marketing Manager for the Performance Coatings at Lubrizol Advanced Materials. He provides technical support to the western region. He joined Lubrizol in 1990 as a Sr. Chemist. Since then he has held numerous technical management and commercial roles throughout his tenure. Prior to Lubrizol, he worked in the printing ink industry formulating aqueous inks for advertising and news. Dennis holds a B.S. degree in Chemistry from SUNY Fredonia.