By-Law updates 2018

The Board of directors was requested to review and update the By-laws and positions for the PNWSCT.

Paul Campbell of Rudd Company helped prepare the enclosed and the Board fully endorses the changes.

This will be voted upon by the membership at the upcoming Coatingsfest 2018 in Victoria.

Should you have any concerns or updates, please contact the board with you suggestions.

PNWSCT Handbook 2018 draft 2

November Lunch Meetings

Alexandra Foguth, "Coatex Rheology 101 Seminar"

Join us this month, in Portland on November 15th, Vancouver BC on November 16th, for the Speaker’s Tour, with:

Speaker: Alexandra Foguth

Title: Coatex Rheology 101 Seminar

Abstract:  Coatex, a division of the Arkema Group, with its core business of rheology modifiers and dispersants dedicated for waterbased coatings, both traditional and UV, will present its expertise in rheology through an introduction of theory, application, formulation, and finished product characteristics.

What Will I Learn?

  • Acrylic and Polyurethane thickener types and molecular structures
  • Thickening mechanisms
  • Design factors
  • Structure / Properties relationship
  • Applied rheology & the impact on final formulations

See details for each on the PNWSCT Event Calendar.

2015 Portland Charity Classic Golf

Make-A-Wish Tournament Recap

September 10, 2015


From: Kevin O’Leary

Subject: Make-A-Wish Donation for 2015


This is an up-date on the results of our annual Make-A-Wish Tournament. As most of you know we have had an Annual Golf Tournament for several years. The majority has been going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oregon and SW Washington.

This year we were able to raise $5,427.09. To date we have raised around $89,565.00 for Make-A-Wish. I am very appreciative for all who have made donations to this very worthy cause.

I would like to thank the PNWSCT for helping sponsor this event every year. We had participants from North and South Carolina, Texas, Chicago, California and Seattle to name a few places. I am continually grateful for all that give time and money to make this event work. I would also like to thank those who donated prizes and money for this year’s event: BASF, Brenntag Specialties, Celanese, Chemical Distributors Inc, Dorsett and Jackson, Dowd and Guild, DSM, Gaung Feng, Horn, JF Shelton, PT Hutchins, Specialty Polymers, Tarr, TCR, Thor, TIS, Troy Chemical, Tryline, and Miller Paint. There were many individuals that also gave donations both in cash and checks to Make-A-Wish. I thank the individuals that play and donate prizes. I am sure there are some that I have missed. I am thankful to those also. I also want to thank Nick Motto, Colleen Coward and Darin Shields for helping at the registration desk and Darin for running the Money Ball contest that garnered much appreciated cash for the donation. Lastly, I want to thank Miller Paint for their continued support of this event.

Kevin O’Leary
Tournament Chair