Puget Sound Section Christmas Luncheon and Toy Drive

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This year Puget Sound Section held our Annual Christmas Luncheon and Toy drive December 3rd  at the River Rock Restaurant in Renton Washington. 

There were 27 in attendance and several that could not make it at the last minute.  

We branched out a bit and invited friends who had interest in donating and joining us in kicking off the Holiday Spirit!  

Ted & Robyn Garrett are integrally involved in The Forgotten Children’s Fund and we asked Ted to speak about the Charity and how our charitable donations benefit the group.  Everyone was in agreement that the organization is fantastic and our donations are going to a very worthy cause.  

Paul Sheehan introduced all the Retirees and tallied up all the active and retired members years in business.  He told stories about many past events and a few comical, yet embarrassing moments.   Everyone appreciated the long history in our group and enjoyed the camaraderie.  

All said and done and after all charges were satisfied, our group collected appx 50 unwrapped gifts and a total of $1.825.00 in cash donations.  

December 1, 2022 has been selected for next year’s Luncheon.  We will again branch out to include those not in our industry and plan to make some more inclusive moves for everyone.  I hope things change so more people can attend and share in our Charitable efforts and enjoy the company of very charitable friends.  Bev Spears Please summarize and send this out to our Membership.